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Coach Tim Galindo will embark on his inaugural season as head coach with the Grays. Coach Galindo spent the better part of decade as the head coach of University High and looks to prepare the next generation of high quality players.     

10U Coaching Staff

Respect the Game


Coach Tim Galindo

Head Coach

Coach Bobby Hernandez 

Assistant Coach

Coach Zach Bilven

Coach Galindo brings a long resume in coaching baseball at many levels including College and High School. Coach Galindo won state in 1997 with University.

Assistant Coach



  1. Axton Bass

  2. Ayden Gutierrez

  3. Ayden Novotny

  4. Chase Miramontes

  5. Jackson Bliven

  6. Jovan Hernandez

  7. Noah Martinez

  8. Obie Molina

  9. Silas Kennedy

  10. Timmy Galindo

  11. Treagan Amberger

  12. T'ziah Thompson

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